5 Steps to Raising a Large Amount of Money for Your Ministry


If God has provided you with a goal for your ministry, the funds are available. You just have to find them. If the financial requirements are immense, you should not fret. You must have faith that God will provide.

You should take your needs to the Lord in prayer. While it is often true that most people do not want to give their hard-earned money away, it is also true that all people want to be a part of something – a wonderful cause, a bold vision, or even an exciting dream.

If you have to raise a large amount of money for your ministry, continue reading to learn 5 amazing steps that will aid in your success.

Step #1: Open Yourself Up to the Needs of Others

The first step to creating a ministry that people want to be a part of is to open yourself up and analyze the needs of others. As a Christian, you automatically have a sensitivity to others. Pray that God allows you to see where you are most needed; then, focus on that.

According to the Bible, if there is no type of vision, people will perish. When you open yourself up to the needs of others, you will be able to determine how you will best be able to touch the lives of those around you.

When your ministry places an emphasis on providing for the needs of others, others will be more enthusiastic about contributing to your ministry.

Step #2: Focus on Providing Solutions

Once you have identified a need for your ministry, you should then place a focus on the solution that will meet that need. The solution that you decide on should keep in line with God’s will – as opposed to the will of the flesh. The goal of the solution should be to enhance the lives of those that you are attempting to help.

Step #3: Create a Plan

In order to succeed in raising the funds that are necessary for your ministry, you must create a plan that aligns with God’s will and is realistic.

When you do a fundraising event for your ministry, the goal should place an emphasis on encouraging others to come to a decision to act in stewardship to God, not to just get the money that you need to succeed.

God entrusts various resources to each person. He motivates people to act on giving to causes. You cannot and should not encourage people to give certain amounts. Your plan should align with God’s plan to move in people’s lives and to allow them to give what God encourages them to give.

Step #4: Create a Ministry Team

To have a successful fundraising campaign, it is essential that you put together a team that will help in carrying out the goals of your ministry. You should gather volunteers that feel drawn to helping.

If people are committed to the cause and have been pushed by the Lord to help, you will discover that they have the tools and resources to help make the campaign a success – even if it is the ability to encourage others to give, the capability of winning people to the ministry, and/or simple bookkeeping knowledge.

Each person is important – regardless of how much or how little they bring to the fundraising efforts.

Step #5: Broadcast Your Fundraising Campaign on a Christian Platform

There are several online fundraising platforms available; however, you will want to choose a Christian one that is dedicated to God’s work and the expansion of his kingdom.

This will not only draw in like-minded individuals, but will also allow those seeking to do God’s work to discover your mission.

Today, one of the most popular new platforms is Storehouse. Here, you can advertise your ministry event and quickly accumulate funds to succeed in the ministry in which God has entrusted to you.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says the LORD of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.” – Malachi 3:10