Explore Creators That Place an Emphasis on Doing Work in God’s Ministry

In exploring the Bible, you will quickly find that work is very important to God. Regardless of your profession or whether or not you are working in the ministry, God cares deeply about that work. This is especially true when it pertains to his will and expanding his ministry.

As you explore Creators here on Storehouse, you will discover individuals that make it their life work to expand the gospel and grow the Kingdom of God. In this post, we will expound on why Creators do what they do and why it is essential that we all collaborate with them to ensure their overall success.

The Work of Creators is Essential to the “Big Picture”

God is the creator of all things. He is working to create order within his kingdom through a process. This started with creation in the Garden of Eden. It will progress to include a Fall and then redemption through city of perfection, the New Jerusalem.

Our Creators are working to the timeline of this critical process. Every action that they take helps to support others doing God’s work and helps to win souls. By supporting their efforts, you, too, are playing a very important role in this process.

Creators are Given Specific Roles by God

Each of us are provided with unique skill sets, special gifts, and precious talents. These allow us to perform certain jobs, play certain roles, and engage in certain activities. All of our “callings” are considered to be “equal” under God. We are here on purpose, for a purpose.

Our Creators have uncovered that purpose and work to fulfill the roles that the Lord God has given them. In supporting our Creators, you are also engaging in YOUR purpose in God’s ministry.

The Foundation of All the Work by Creators is Based on Quality and Ethics

Creators have a high level of responsibility when it comes to the quality of their work and their faithfulness under and to God in pursuing that work.

They know and understand that they will be judged and will be rewarded, accordingly. By supporting their efforts, you are upholding your responsibility to the work being done for God, the ministry, and to God, himself.

The Work is Yoked with God

Creators place a special focus on working as if they are completely yoked with Christ. It is aligned with the moral standards of God and is an expression of the love that Christ has for all. By yoking with the Creators here at Storehouse, you are also part of the direct yoking with Jesus Christ.

The Investments and Wealth of the Creators is Directed by God

Our Creators are working for the betterment of others and to enhance and grow the Kingdom of God. All of the investments that they make – be it unique gifts, their time, and their money – combined with the wealth that is received, is directed by God, to God, for God. We all should combine our investments and wealth to further enhance God’s Kingdom and his Will.

Explore our Creators today and take part in their commitment to doing God’s work. “Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from Lord as a reward, it is the Lord Christ you are serving.”Colossians 3:24