Featuring and Funding Kingdom Projects Around the World Allows God to Move Successfully in Global Missions

Kingdom Projects Around the World

As the global body of Christ, we are heading towards the horizon that God desires for us to reach. God provides to help in the informing of global outreach.

We here at Storehouse specialize in featuring and funding kingdom projects so that God’s purpose and will is successful in missions around the world. By collaborating with Creators, we are fulfilling our acts in discipleship and witnessing to expand God’s Kingdom.

In this guide, you will learn what God is doing throughout the world by directing Creators.

God is Leading the Redeemed into What is Referred to as the “Promised Land”

It is a known fact that all those that believe in Christ will inherit not just a patch of land, but the entire planet. This earth will become a place where we are provided with an ever-abundant amount of peace. We will no longer experience tears, sadness, pain, death, or have to endure mourning.

Our faithful obedience in doing God’s work will – eventually – allow us to occupy a very special land that will be conquered and subdued just for us to enjoy for eternity.

God is Creating a Global-Based Temple for His Dwelling in the Last Days

God’s first fellowship in the Garden of Eden was tragically severed as a result of sin. Once he delivered Israel from the land of Egypt, he promised that he would dwell with them and to create a method for a renewed fellowship between himself and man.

Today, his spirit dwells with us constantly. His purpose is to create a global-based temple of what is referred to as “living stones”. As Creators expand missions throughout the world, God continues to build the temple.

It is and will continue to be a place where we can all join together – with God – as the last days find their way upon us.

God is Sending out His Witnesses in Order to Save All Who Are Lost

The Holy Spirit has come upon our Creators. God has informed us that those who have the Holy Spirit will be witnesses to “the end of the earth”. The evangelism and the work of our Creators here at Storehouse are confirmations that God is fulfilling his promises.

The lost are being saved. Souls are being won for God. The church is considered to be the light of the world. The work and presence of Christians and the proclamations of their work in the world are actually taking over the darkness of the world.

Join God Today

If you are reading this, God has a plan for you. He has a plan for all of us. You may join him as he moves globally in order to grow his kingdom.

Look through the Kingdom Projects that we have posted here on Storehouse. Allow God to direct you to one where you, too, can be a beacon of light to those engulfed by darkness. Become part of the light of the church today!