Is It Acceptable to Raise Money for My Ministry at Church?

Church FundraiserAll throughout history, Christians have questioned whether or not fundraising efforts are permitted on church grounds. Examples of popular fundraising events include selling special dinners to contribute to international missionary work, selling snacks to support the purchase of new hymnals, and conducting a $500 wheelbarrow event to send the youth on an educational field trip.

Fundraising for a ministry – regardless of whether it is done on church property or another location – is not a problem, according to the Bible. The issue is, many people question it because of the situation that is mentioned in Mark 11.

Mark 11

It is common for church members to reject the process of allowing fundraising to occur on church property as a result of the situation that occurs in the Book of Mark, Chapter 11. The verses in this chapter outline money changing hands on worship grounds and Jesus’ response to the activities that occurred at the temple in Jerusalem.

The truth of the matter is, Jesus was not upset over money changing hands during the time; it was the fact that the moneychangers were cheating the people. In verse 17, he outlines the fact that the temple had been transitioned into a den of thieves.

Identity of the Church

The “church” as outlined in the Bible is intended to describe not a particular place, but it is referring to the body of Christ and where those people live and meet with one another. While church property is considered to be holy ground, fundraising activities do not defile it.

Raising money and supporting the efforts of a ministry are encouraged several times throughout the Bible. As a result of this fact, it is acceptable to engage in fundraising activities – whether on the physical property of a church or in another location – just so long as it is in line with God’s will and for the purpose and intent of expanding his kingdom.

Online Platforms

If you find that you are hesitant to engage in ministry fundraising events at your church or that the elders within the establishment are firm in their belief on not conducting such activities, you may engage in online fundraising.

There are several platforms that are specifically designed for this purpose. God intends for us to raise money in his name and for his purpose. He knows that when he gives us a ministry and touches our heart to help others that there has to be some degree of financial backing in the endeavor.


In recent months, a new online platform has been created for Christians that seek to do the will of God through a special ministry. It is called Storehouse. At this website, you may put up pictures, videos, and other types of content that shares the purpose and intent of your ministry.

You may then put up a monetary amount that you desire to collect. If you are on God’s mission and have been directed to this guide, we recommend visiting Storehouse today to set up your fundraising campaign.Church Fundraiser