On Storehouse, you can let your supporters become active participants in the Kingdom work they love by offering them a monthly membership. You give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. In exchange, you get the freedom to do your best work, and the stability you need to build an independent creative career.


With Storehouse, you can develop a recurring income stream now! Stop rolling the dice of social media ad revenue and algorithms. Get recurring income through monthly payments from your supporters.


Storehouse provides you freedom! Create what you want, when you want, and what your audience loves. Don’t let ad-based monetization models dictate your level of creativity and peace of mind.


Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience. Storehouse allows you to enjoy direct access and deeper conversations with the people who matter the most which allow you to KEEP CREATING!


If you are a creator and you know there is a calling on your life to share and grow His Kingdom, then Storehouse is for you. It’s time to take your work to the next level, and earn an income doing so. Below are the features and benefits of becoming a Storehouse Creator.

Hosted Creator Page

Custom creator account/page that you control where your supporters can actively engage with you, showcase the benefits you offer, and post updates and content just for them. Meet Stay Forth Designs and SEE EXAMPLE

Make Money

Develop a recurring revenue stream through monthly payments/donations from your supporters.


Allow your supporters to take an active role in funding your work and engagement, and not just watching what you do.

Relationship and Communication with Your Supporters

Grow your fanbase by communicating directly to your supporters. Offer your supporters a monthly membership with access to special features determined by you.

Tiered Support

The ability to set different tiers/goals and levels of support and what your supporters can expect from each level of support.

Creator Support

We help you optimize your options for success, and track and deliver benefits to your supporters.

Creator Community

Access to our exclusive Facebook group community featuring top and established creators. Learn from creators in your field about how to build a successful creative career, and also hear from the founder of Storehouse. We also facilitate 1:1 introductions to other creators mutually interested in collaboration.


Get early insight into upcoming product changes, early access to new features in development, and the opportunity to influence our products.


We identify the right joint marketing opportunities for you to share your story – through live events, performances, speaking opportunities, PR, social, and more.

Money Management

Storehouse will manage and keep you informed of all your payments, donations, and taxes. This will give you the creative freedom to concentrate on your passion, grow your earnings quickly, and save you time.

Track Goals

Review your progress, grow your business, and plan for the future.


Enjoy a direct line of communication with Storehouse teams for insights, early access to new features, and invitations to events.

Exclusivity & Exposure

Exclusive feature on all Storehouse social media outlets and the ability to create blogs to be featured on the Storehouse Blog for additional exposure.

Access to the Founder

Introduction, guidance, and coaching from the founder of Storehouse.


Storehouse Founding Creators are the first 100 creators to raise or earn $100.


Storehouse Founding Creators will receive:

• 100% match of each Founding Creator’s first $100 earned or raised
• Free SWAG box filled with all kinds of cool Storehouse gear
• Lifetime designation as a Founding Creator on your creator page
• Unlimited individual access to Storehouse’s Founder and CEO, Casey Casemento
• Regular, exclusive Founding Creator experiences